Thunder Road


You have an unlimited budget and space is not a problem. What piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you want hanging around in your batcave? Via Cool and Collected

Had to ponder this one for a while. The normal answers popped into mind – The Batmobile, ECTO-1, an X-Wing, the Enterprise, the TARDIS, but…I want something that no other collector would have in their batcave.

Then I remembered what I wanted to build as a kid in my backyard! That is, if I had a backyard…

The Thunder Road! Yep, the heap of junk spaceship from the movie Explorers

I loved that little red ship built from scrap! Sure, it can’t fire photon torpedoes or travel through time, but it gave a kid like me hopes that I could launch into space and meet pop-referencing aliens just by welding together scrap metal and a garbage can. And I can’t forget the NASA logo in the back, just to make it all legitimate!

8 thoughts on “Thunder Road

  1. Good one! When I saw this movie as a kid I too wanted to make my own Thunder Road! But since I couldn’t I thought about making a toy version so my GiJoes could fly around but I could never find the right parts and material to make it. Hmm…I bet I could now!

  2. One thing that I love about the design of this “ship” is how much personality Joe Dante and company put into it. Overall it looks like a cross between a Haunted Mansion doom-buggy and Optimus Prime’s head. Makes the craft really feel like a character in the flick.

  3. Raise your hand if you reenacted this movie with blankets and pillows in your living room. (raises hand sheepishly)

    Man, this movie had fallen way off my radar, but when I saw that top photo, a ton of memories came back. Awesome!

    • admin

      “Wait, you want to buy that piece of junk?”
      “Honey, it’s not a piece of junk! It’s a piece of movie magic!”
      “Is that a trash can in the front?!”
      “Okay, so it is a piece of junk.”

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